Adi Zim Group About

Founded by the businessman Adi Zim in 2002, the Group’s business operations initially based on the distribution lines for Angel Bakery bread and the Almost Free Supermarket chain, which included 36 branches nationwide.

In 2012, the chain sold to Bitan Wines for ILS 350 million.
Since then, the group operates in several sectors, including finance, insurance, retail, real estate, technology, and other investments.

The group is considered to be one of Israel’s most dominant growing holding companies, boasting one of Israel’s highest recorded growth rates.

Group members include these leading companies:

S.R. Accord – a leading public company, providing non-bank financing in Israel.

Sense Capital Markets – Israel’s largest non-bank foreign currency transaction room.

Zim Insurance – insurance agency.

Zim Renewable Energy – development and establishment of solar projects.

Zim Real Estate – high-end projects and land betterment.

Zim Bahari Real Estate – urban renewal company with over 70 projects and +30k residential units.

Adi Zim


Adi started his journey into business when he was 15 by starting a bodega in Petah Tikva, later acquiring and operating Angel Bakery distribution lines.

Adi accelerated his expanded operations in the food sector by establishing a retail

chain – Almost Free Warehouses, which included 36 branches nationwide at its peak and went public by listing on Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in 2009.

In 2012, Adi sold the chain, in which he and his brother were partners. To Bitan Wines for ILS 350 million. Throughout the years, Adi founded the Adi Zim holdings group, with member companies from the real estate, retail, insurance, technology, finance, and capital market sectors.

Adi is the controlling shareholder of the public company S.R. Accord, one of Israel’s leading non-bank credit companies.

Under the holdings group, seen as one of Israel’s most dominant groups with a high growth rate, the following companies are included:

Sense Capital Market – Israel’s largest non-bank foreign currency transaction room; Zim Insurance Agency; Zim Renewable Energy.

The Group has vast real estate operations, holding over tens of thousands of residential units meant for urban renewal under Zim Bahari Company.

Another leading group member is Zim Real Estate, which develops largescale real estate projects.


-S.R. Accord

-Sense Capital Markets


-Zim Insurance

Real Estate

-Zim Bahari Real Estate Ltd.

-Zim Real Estate Ltd.

-Ahim Yaakobi Group

-All In



-Zim Renewable Energy